Fat Burning Soups – Tips for Healthy Living

Nowadays peoples are working for long hours and sitting before the system with heavy stress and pressure. Many of them are not taking care of their health and they are unfit for this healthy lifestyle. It’s very mandatory to take care of our health to lead a prosperous life without any health problems.

Good health isn’t just about healthy eating and exercise. Regular exercise with proper diet will help us to stay away from many health problems like cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity and more. Water is essential for our bodies to function so drinking of 2-3 Litres of water is mandatory for the healthy and happy life.

Carrying around too much weight feels uncomfortable, and it can also damage your health. Obesity can lead to various health problems like heart diseases, diabetes, strokes and it may lead to cancer. We have to calculate the intake of calories daily for the beautiful and slim body. Also, need to burn the extra calories with the exercises to increase metabolism. There are lots of delicious soups that you can make with low fat and calories. Food Starch imparts the necessary thickness to the soups without changing its flavor.

Fat Burning Soups

Poor man Soup:

The soup with all green ingredients like kale, spinach, broccoli with carrot, chicken or beef results in a tasty delicious soup with low calories. You can consume 100 calories daily with every bowl and it will burn off your fat easily.


Take garlic and onion and dice it finely with pieces. Place the soup pot with olive oil and slice the cabbage, spinach into small strips and cut the carrots, zucchini, broccoli into small cubes. Add the vegetables to the soup, season with salt, pepper, and the green herbs and spices of your choice. Cook until the vegetables are tender.

Leek soup:

Leeks are very good for health and they are delicious and filling. Leek soup is one of the best soup for fat burning. Leek soup is a soup based on potatoes, leeks, broth, and heavy cream. Other ingredients used may be salt and pepper, and various spices.


Cut and chop the leek, onion, and garlic. Place the pan in a heat with little olive oil and put chopped ingredients. Peel the carrot and add it to the pan once the leeks and onions are turned brown. Pour the vegetable stock and add salt, pepper and cook for 20 minutes. The leek fat burning soup is ready to serve.

Nourishing Nettle Soup:

Nourishing Nettle Soup is one of the best abdominal soup and they are rich in vitamins and minerals and extremely low in calories. The combination of vitamin C and iron content in nettle ideal for stimulating red blood cells productions. Also, it is an excellent medicine for respiratory issues.


Wash nettle and spinach properly and chop coarsely. Place a pan in the heat with a little amount of olive oil and add water, nettle, spinach. Cook until nettle and spinach are tender. Add cold milk and flour together in a small bowl and blend thoroughly. After few minutes add few salt, white pepper, nutmeg and boil few minutes in simmer until thickened. Serve the soup with a swirl of yogurt