Eric Ellis Workout Program To Shape Your Body

Do you know Eric Ellis? He has given lot of workout programs for those who are looking for building the body they want. He has given lot of advice into the body building. He has many tags behind his name like he is a guy who will give nutrition planning, strength training, yoga, cycling, running, and so on who loves to have fittest body ever. He has given you the six top weight loss workout programs. The programs are

  • Focus T25
  • P90x3
  • PiYo
  • Body Beast
  • 21 day Fix
  • Master Hammer and Chisel

You can lot of tips and workouts program from website and follow it to get a shape you want.

Workout Program For Busy People

Eric Ellis Workout Program To Shape Your Body

What is T25 – 25 Minute Cardio Workout? It is nothing but if you want lose weight and want to get tone muscle, try this 25 minute workout daily without going out to gym and no need to buy costly equipment and no need to do workouts for long hours you can just do it from your home itself. It is mainly designed for busy people who are not having time to go for gym and do workouts, just need to spend 25 minutes a day. Anyone can follow regardless of their fitness level. There is personal trainer for this named Shaun T who is world renowned personal trainer and fitness expert. It is the best for busy people and don’t want to spend money for gyms. To get more details about this work visit and also get reviews from user.

P90x3 – 30 Minute Workout For Shaping A Body

As like focus t25, the P90X3 is the also short time workout program but required weight lifting to tone your body. It is designed by Tony Horton to burn your fat and to get lean and strength muscles. It is followed for 90 full day and it should done with combining fast moving exercise to burn your fat faster. In this 30 minutes workout you should follow variety of exercise like weight strength training, mixed martial arts, yoga, plyometrics and Pilates. There are four types of schedule you can follow to do P90X3 are classic, lean, mass and doubles.

Classic: it is focusing on strength training and cardio. Gaining muscle, losing fat and strengthening the muscle will be the result of classic schedule. Lean: this is for whom wished to have toned muscle. Mass: it is for those whom wish to convert their lean body to bulk muscle. Doubles: it is recommended only for few peoples you need to follow P9OX3 twice a day.

You need to have equipment to do P9OX3 the equipments are resistance bands and dumbbells. Its lbs can varied from 5 lbs to 45 lbs and it is depend upon how much weight can you lift. Like this you can get all listed above workout idea for weight losing and also DVD is available for every program you choose.