Drug Testing Kits: Keep A Track Of Your Health

Drug testing kits are one of the most convenient ways of finding any presence of drug in your body. As compared to hospitals, it costs very cheap and give you the result almost instantly. It available in a variety of packs and types and can be used to detect various dugs in your body. Samples are required to detect the presence of your drugs in your body and it can either be your blood, saliva or your breath. You don’t have to rush to the hospital or to a laboratory for your test results. You don’t have to wait in long lines to get your test result. Just get a drug testing kit and gives you the result instantly. All you have to do is to follow the instructions that are written on the top of the pack of your home drug test kit.

Tests that are to be done

Depending upon sample taken, different types of drug tests are done to detect the presence of illicit drugs and other drugs that are on prescription. Hair tests are also done to identify drugs that are on prescription. For this test about 40-50 strands of hair are taken from the crown of your head and then using relevant solution it is tested for definite results.

Generally, this kind of drug testing is done for sporting events and for justice setting. This can even detect the presence of drugs for a long time as long as a few months, unlike blood test that can only detect the drug that is taken few hours back. If you have a negative drug test that means either you never taken that particular drug or your body metabolised all traces of that drug in your body or that test is not complex enough to detect that small amount of test present in your body. There are many myths regarding drug testing that drugs like aspirin can suppress the result of your drug and give you negative test results.

Also, it is not possible to cheat a urine test if you drink a lot of water. And this can also make you sick as your body can’t handle too much of water intake. And this type of intoxication is called water intoxication  and it very harmful to your kidneys. Drug testing kits are available to test multiple types of drugs with just one kit. Depending upon your requirement you can purchase this from your nearest medical store so as to keep a track of your blood drug levels to maintain your health standards.