Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

You’ve tried creams, medications, exercises, and just about everything else you could think to try. Now you’re left contemplating penis enlargement surgery. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many men have gone down this surprisingly tough path before. And most of them have found happiness with their great results. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, either. With adult entertainment widely accepted and enjoyed, body modifications for both men and women aren’t as out of the normal as they used to be!

Penis Enlargement Surgery

 But the real question is, does it really work? Or is it another dead end in your quest for a larger penis? While some might laugh at the thought, for those men who want or ‘need’ help to enlarge their penises, it’s a very serious question. No one wants to go out of pocket for another frustrating failure – especially when male penis enlargement surgeries can be thousands of dollars. (And yes cost does count. The more experienced the surgeon, the better the results. Don’t skimp on success!)

 There are now a couple of penis enlargement procedures you can undergo. You can choose to either lengthen your penis or increase the girth of your penis. It’s not an either-or situation, though. You can easily have both done, and usually at the same time. Typically when a surgeon lengthens someone’s penis, they do it by cutting ligaments attaching the penis to the pelvis. This usually adds up to a decent inch of length. For girth, fat injections and skin grafts are used to add more width to the penis. It might not sound very appealing, but the results can’t be denied.

 Of course, as with any surgery or procedure, there are potential complications. From a risk of infection to scarring, to more problematic issues such as randomly losing your erection during sex or loss of sensation, there are a few things you should consider. These are the sort of things you should discuss with your surgeon. Everyone is different and their bodies react differently to any surgery. However, most problems can be avoided or minimized by simply following your doctor’s aftercare advice. Some problems can be avoided simply by rubbing injections smooth until everything is set in place!

 So do penis enlargement surgeries work? Of course they do. For many men, it has been the only option that has worked. There will always be someone who is unsatisfied because they expected much more than they got, and there will always be someone who has a horror story to share because they didn’t do their follow up care. But for those who discuss with their surgeons beforehand what they can expect and what they should do to minimize risks, there are only happy testaments.