Discover the Health and Educational Benefits to Children who Learn the Piano

Parenting research shows how beneficial it is for children to learn how to play a musical instrument. The benefits of these lessons could improve the child’s health. According to the research, children who learn to play the piano reduce their anxiety and stress levels. They could also achieve more in their academic endeavors.

Young Girl Playing Piano

Strengthening the Auditory Cortex

The auditory cortex controls hearing. Children who play musical instruments enhance their hearing abilities. These enhancements could continue into adulthood. With each lesson, the child improves their hearing and avoids potential hearing loss. Parents who want their child to learn to play the piano should order the lessons now.

Higher Standardized Scores

Children that participate in musical lessons have achieved more through standardized tests. The skills they learn in these courses prepare them to study more proactively. They absorb more information based on the acquired study skills. This helps them to prepare themselves better for these tests. If they study more than one musical instrument, they could gain further academic benefits.

More Advanced Language Arts

When children learn to play the piano, they increase their focus. Their memory is expanded, and they retain information more effectively. This could benefit children in language arts courses. According to statistics, the association between the music and the information helps the child grasp these language-based concepts quickly.

Children with ADD could also benefit from these lessons. They retrain their brain to focus on the music and each lesson presented. This allows them to ignore background sounds such as talking or television shows. Once they achieve these goals, they study more efficiently without distraction.

The Added Benefit of Online Lessons

Online lessons give the child a chance to participate in piano lessons without the added stress. They learn at their own individual pace and maintain control over their lessons. They can start and stop them as they choose.

Since they have the opportunity to learn piano online, they can participate from any location with an internet connection. This could provide them with access to the lessons when they travel or visit other family members or friends. Among the online opportunities are the online piano lessons conducted by David Sides, through a computer program called Playground Sessions. David Sides is a YouTube sensation and offers interactive lessons through the piano leaning software.

Connecting Piano Lessons to Further Learning

With innovative piano learning software like Quincy Jones’ Playground Sessions, children can learn new ways to connect these lessons to further learning. They could apply the same techniques when they begin skill development for their future careers. These opportunities allow them to learn these concepts quickly and without difficulty. The lessons could give them excellent benefits when they attend college to cultivate these skills. They could also achieve higher scores in college which is appealing to prospective employers.

Parenting research provides further insight into the benefits of music. The findings indicate that children who take music lessons could achieve more in their academic career. These opportunities could help them increase their grades on standardized tests and cultivate career skills more effectively.