Dental Crowns and Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Edmonton

The word periodontal is used to refer to the tissues around the tooth, such as gingival or gum tissues and the supporting ligament and bone holding the tooth into the bone. Also known as oral plastic surgery, periodontal plastic surgery refers to a group of dental procedures that are used to remove gum tissues and add gum around teeth in order to enhance the appearance and shape of the teeth. Periodontal plastic surgery is used to treat and restore various dental conditions including the following:

Gum and Ridge Shrinkage with defects

A loss of tooth can cause loss of bones under the jaws and gums. Such changes can cause ridge shrinkage and indentation defects. Periodontal plastic procedures are used to correct such deformities.

Uneven gum line or gummy smile

Gummy smile is a condition in which gum tissue of the teeth are exposed too much when talking or smiling. For example, if you feel that your smile is too gummy or gums cover too much of your teeth or your teeth appear too short when your smile, periodontal plastic surgery would be the best option. To restore your smile, a dentist would perform teeth lengthening or gingivoplasty in which excess gum tissue will be removed so as to expose more crown. Afterwards, the gum line will be sculpted, thus, giving you a new smile and a better look. With the Water Laser technique being offered in Edmonton, gentle recontouring of your gum is now more comfortable and also less time consuming than before. The best part with the laser technique is that it heals faster and provides more re-contouring.

Exposed roots, long teeth, and gingival clefts

Gum recessions may cause tooth pain and rot making you look older and your teeth longer. There are several causes of gum recession such as abnormal mouth habits, tooth brushing, and periodontal diseases. Some of the symptoms of gum recession include tooth sensitivity to temperature and touch. Furthermore, teeth suffering recession are prone to tooth brush abrasion as roots are softer than usual.

Dental Crowns in Edmonton

At times, the functionality of your teeth may be severely compromised due to extensive damage. In such a circumstance, dental crowns are the most viable solution. A dental crown refers to a cap encasing a damaged tooth that prevents teeth from further damage and decay. Furthermore, dental crowns mask discolorations, giving you the best smile and confidence.

Dental crowns are used to treat various dental conditions, including:

Periodontal diseases that may disqualify you from receiving porcelain

Jaw clenching and tooth grinding

Significant tooth damage and decay that requires a fortified foundation

A tooth that has undergone a root canal

What you should know

Your smile is a powerful tool because it can make someone else happy, makes you attractive, and also is an important part of any first impression. Unfortunately, having discolored or damaged teeth can significantly hamper your smile. However, if you are suffering any kind of tooth damage, it is good to visit dentists who provide dental crowns in Edmonton for free consultation services. Plastic dentists in Edmonton will advice you on whether to choose dental crowns or periodontal surgery.