Decadurabolin: The Powder-Puff Steroids

Deca is very commonly used among sports persons and enthusiastic bodybuilders, for it enhances physical performance. It also has innumerable therapeutic benefits, for which it is used as a medicine. It is an extremely potent steroid, anabolic in nature. It comprises the steroidal core called Nandrolone and is attached to a long ester chain called the Decanoate ester.

Nandrolone is a 19-nor derivative of Testosterone.   Lacking 17-alpha alkylation, makes it orally inactive because of increased chances of first pass elimination by the liver. This acts as an intra-muscular pro-drug, due to the presence of ester chain. Pro-drug stands for an inactive form of a drug, i.e. the drug is metabolized or converted within the body (only after administration) to its pharmacological active form  Since the beginning, decanoate sorts have hit the bazaar but so far DecaDurabolin has been the best and consistent in the market. The first Nandrolone compound which was created had a less active half-life, thus many problems arouse with its use. The consumers had to take it a number of times in a day to keep its effect at steady levels. And the dosage also was increased. Thanks to DecaDurabolin, this problem was solved with its effective enhanced half-life due to longer ester chain for more information, visit

Powder-Puff Steroids

Benefits of DecaDurabolin

It is believed to be the “Best Anabolic Androgenic steroid” in any market worldwide! From treating muscle wasting syndrome in HIV/AIDS patient, to increasing red blood cell count and even helping you achieve a slim and fit body, this drug is multi-dimensional. The half-life of this drug is about fourteen to sixteen days. Best part for male athletes is, it does not convert into estrogen or show any estrogenic properties in the body like acne, bloating and gynecomastia. Since it is not taken as an oral drug, it does not damage the liver. It is extremely beneficial in achieving huge muscles and augmenting endurance. This is done by facilitating nitrogen retention and use in the body for better protein assimilation. This drug helps in improving the restoration time in between the exercises. You can get rid of your join and nerve pain and even heal your old wounds because DecaDurabolin reduces inflammation of the soft tissues.

Dosage and Cycle

The optimum dosage for male athletes is 300 to 800 mg per week of DecaDurabolin. Women are advised to take 50 to 100 mg of Deca per week. When used in a cutting phase, 400 mg per week for about twelve weeks is good enough. For a bulking phase of the Deca cycle, men should consume 600 mg each week, similarly for a total of twelve weeks.

Taking more than the prescribed dose can lend you in trouble. You may suffer from edema, reproductive problems like ovary issues, decreased ejaculation, swelling and pain in the breasts. Always read the essential reviews before you want to start using that drug. Ensure that it is best for you. You may visit for details and assistance.