Daily Meal Plan For Flat and Toned Abs

You may find various books and articles for abs diet specifically for women written by expert and experience professional in the field. Although most of these plans and books are the offshoots of the programs and plans for abs for both women and men, it is important to know that there are most of the factors which are common in both men and women. However just because of the hormone leptin resistance level which is quite different in women, most if not all the females have tendency of storing more fat on the belly area. The most recommended diets have the option that include variety of healthy fats and regular exercises to get long lasting toned and flat belly area. However you must need to talk with your doctor before trying any diet or exercise program, particularly if you are suffering from various injuries and health problems. Here is a simple yet effective meal plan for a day to achieve 6 pack abs see more truth about abs here.

Breakfast in the Morning

When you follow the abs diet plan, you must eat a breakfast which is filled with fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Egg white is the most effective for building lean muscle tissue rather than storing fat in body. A simple meal for a breakfast include egg white omelet along with little amount of low fat cheese, tomatoes and bell peppers inside. You can eat this omelet with whole grain bread and a bit of butter on it if you like.


Stick along the lean protein for this meal, such as chicken breast, fish or turkey. Prepare a salad with romaine lettuce or spinach, apples, sliced avocado, chicken or turkey. Sprinkle a bit of lemon juice and olive oil on the top instead of dressing. Avoid food that are high in saturated fat such as red meat and full fat dairy items. Go for low or no fat dairy, lean proteins or vegetable sources such as chick peas and black beans.


Never try to deprive at the dinner. Have pleasure of a full plate of whole wheat pasta along with little amount of tomato sauce as well as turkey meat balls. Mix it with a little quantity of olive oil in sauce to add some omega 3 fatty acids if you like. Olive oil is the best source of monounsaturated fat which is a powerful food.


Experts also recommend to eat 3 protein filled small snacks between meals. You can go for hard boiled eggs, peanut butter and apples, yogurt with fruits and nuts sprinkled in, as well as whole grain crackers with avocado slices. You need to take 1 snack between breakfast and lunch, one between lunch and dinner and other after dinner.

Workout For Hot Abs