Clearabee: A Trailblazer In Green Rubbish Clearance

It has taken Clearabee less than seven years to become a household name in the UK, mostly through grassroots word of mouth praise for the company. This “upstart” is an on demand rubbish clearance company that has rapidly expanded and now serves the entire country. Not only has their growth been rapid, Clearabee has acquired a stellar reputation for exceptional rubbish clearance service and a dog nosed commitment to becoming a worldwide business leader in ecofriendly and sustainable practices.

Who’s the Motivating Force Behind Clearabee’s Grand Success?


Who would turn down a £80,000 annual salary at Rothschild to start a rubbish clearance business? His name is Daniel Long and he’s the managing director at Clearabee and the co-founder of the business. Some people may have even thought he was a bit “touched in the head” for leaving his “cushy” career making professional Rothschild job for a start up with no outside capital and no major investors! However, Daniel Long is having the last laugh because after only seven years, Clearabee has more than 60,000 customers and is pulling in more than £7 million dollars in revenue!

What Makes Clearabee and Daniel Long Different?

From Clearabee’s first days, Daniel Long wanted to drastically decrease the amount of rubbish clearance that is taken to the UK landfills. He knew that the landfills were filling up at an alarming rate and the environmental predictions were dire. He had a vision to recycle and upcycle more of these materials plus a knack for using new technology. All of his drivers could carry mobile phones, and through these, he could have them interacting with a technology savvy office staff to help them as they went about clearing rubbish for Clearabee customers!

They began putting together an extensive database of rubbish tipping facilities with information about what type of rubbish each of them recycled or sent to third parties to reuse or upcycle. Using this growing and detailed database, they are able to get the rubbish they cleared to the right places so most of it could be recycled, reused, or upcycled. The lastest estimate is about ninety percent of the rubbish Clearabee collects is kept out of the landfills!

Clearabee also lowers their ecological footprint in a number of other ways. They use traffic apps to choose routes that will take less time and less petro. In 2015, they were also the first rubbish removal company in the UK to solidly commit to paying a living wage to all of their employees! With more than forty employees now, this is making a significant impact across multiple communities in the UK. Clearabee is recognized for providing living wages by the well respected UK based Living Wage Foundation.

Here’s Something Most People Don’t Know about Clearabee

Before Daniel Long and his co-founder, Rob Linton, got into the rubbish clearance business, they were operating an online marketing business while still in college! Through this business, they became in contact with local “man and van” services who were looking to market their businesses. The two of them quickly realized that rubbish clearance was a business niche that was wide open and ready to be revolutionized by young, smart, energetic entrepreneurs. They renamed their online marketing business “Clearabee,” a company name that promises to clear your rubbish and stay busy as a bee! Starting with only £500 and a single van, they were off and running on their new venture and definitely living up to the name they picked!

What’s In Clearabee’s Near Future?

There are even bigger things in store for Clearabee. While they started mostly in residential rubbish clearance, they have been actively adding business customers to their roster. In fact, this is the area of their business that is most rapidly expanding. For example, they are actively adding property developers and management companies for facilities to their list of clients. With these nice steady corporate profits flowing in, they’ll have even more money to reinvest in their business.

Clearabee Defies the Odds!

According to Forbes, eight out of ten European businesses fail in the first eighteen months of business. That’s an eighty percent failure rate before they even have a chance to get their feet wet so to speak! To make matters worse, Forbes also states that most of twenty percent that make it to eighteen months mark end up failing by year five. Clearabee has not only defied these odds, their business has flourished well beyond most people’s expectations. This shows that in today’s world, it truly pays to be green, and rubbish clearance is no exception.