Choosing The Right Hair Colour For You

There is no question as to how big a role hair play in one’s beauty. It is something that can completely make or break one’s look. Therefore, when it comes to hair colours, it is only natural to be extra careful. One needs to consider a number of things before indulging in this beauty trend. Following are a few tips that can help you in choosing the right hair colour.

Choosing The Right Hair Colour For You

Bring Skin Colour Into Consideration:

The thing that matters most while selecting hair colours is your skin tone. The hair colour should complement one’s skin colour, otherwise, it will be a total disaster. To find out your natural skin tone, stand in natural light without any makeup on. Look into a mirror and observe whether your skin has warm or cool tones overall. Another way of deciding this is checking the colour of your veins. If greenish, you have warm undertone and if bluish, you have cool undertone. The former should go for cool hair colours while the latter should opt for those in warm hues.

Decide On The Drama:

You need to decide how dramatically you want to change your look. The higher the contrast between the colour of your skin and hair, the more dramatic your look will be. You need to check if the new colour will suit your existing haircut or whether you have to get your hair styled differently.

Consider The Colour Of Your Eyes:

The closer your hair colour is to the colour of your eye, the more natural you will look. You can choose a colour depending on how eccentric you want your look to be. Generally, for the brown eyed, rich shades of brown do well while for the blue eyed, light blond is the way to go.

Go For Good Quality Hair Colours:

Not many realise this, but it is possible to get your hair coloured without being too harsh on it. Use products that are rich in natural ingredients like naturtint hair colour. It is ammonia free and consists of active ingredients which are plant based. Products like these let you flaunt your style without causing any permanent damage to your hair.

Select According To Level Of Maintenance:

It may not seem so but the amount of maintenance that different hair colours require should play an important role in your decision. If you have tight schedules to keep up with, choose colours that do not demand much maintenance, for instance, shades of brown.