Best Setting Powder for Sensitive Skin : Top 5 Review and Buying Guides

From generations to generations, beauty has always been a vital factor amongst women from different parts of the world. Every makeup must have an immaculate finishing touch. While women used to use chalk, flour, or starch as powders in the past, the emergence of technology has improved everything, including makeup. Undoubtedly, setting powder is one of the most common cosmetic items utilized all around the globe. It effectively locks your concealer and foundation application so that there’re no breaking points or cracks, thus providing a sleek look. Of course, the setting powder is the finishing touch to any concealer or foundation.

However, you might have a to be a little more careful with these products if you happen to have a sensitive skin. Before a particular product can be regarded as a good setting powder for sensitive skin, there has to be a guarantee that it doesn’t aggravate skin issues further. Although that is probably the most apparent criteria your setting powder should satisfy, there are some other things you have to pay attention to. If you purchase a product that isn’t right for you, you will only be worsening your allergies. If you buy the right product, however, your condition might even be cured over time.

Before going ahead to purchase a setting powder for sensitive skin, you need to start from the fundamentals; start by getting a couple of tests done. You need to be guided by a dermatologist, who is going to tell you the different factors responsible for the high sensitivity of your skin. As soon as you have known your trigger, with the assistance of the doctor, you will know precisely the things you require in your setting powder, and you will also know about the ingredients you need to avoid.

Best Setting Powder for Sensitive Skin

Reviews of the Best Setting Powders for Sensitive Skin

While we always recommend taking a trip to a dermatologist before making any choice, below are our top picks for the best setting powders for sensitive issues.

  1. Derma Blend Loose Setting Powder

Derma Blend Setting Powder is the number one product on our list, and it is for a lot of reasons. Formulated according to the highest dermatological standards, this product is everything you need for the moat flawless makeup appearance. Whether you’re merely heading off to a gathering or need to wear cosmetics for quite a while, this product from Derma Blend lasts for at least 16 hours. Therefore, you don’t have to stress yourself about touching up over and over.

Furthermore, this product is defined by an extremely light micronized powder, which guarantees consistent wearing and smudge resistance. It’s an extreme finishing layer that comes with no fragrance, making it perfect for you. Further, this product doesn’t have any allergic reaction, making it one of the safest setting powders you can apply on your bare skin. It is non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic setting powder which provides you with the best outcomes.


  • Available in 3 shades; original, warm saffron, and cool beige.
  • Flawless matte finish without excess shine.
  • It is also ideal for oily skin.
  • You can buff off after two minutes only.
  • The setting powder is smooth and not inconsistent.


  • It is a bit expensive and doesn’t last as long as some other products.

Bottom Line

For those women looking for a flawlessly charming, smudge resistant look with a variety of colors, this Derma Blend setting powder with its incredible quality might be a great choice.

  1. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

Laura Mercier setting powder is one of the best setting powders on the market and is equally suitable for people with sensitive skins. This setting powder is made with the best Cashmere talc, making it silky and smooth on your skin. This product gives your makeup a brilliant finishing touch. It gives no cakey look and each feature is covered nicely. With the prolong wearing ability of this powder, it can be worn all day long without you feeling any stress or weight.

In addition, applying it is very easy, which makes it convenient to use for a fast touch-up. All you need to do is just dowse the puff, dash it in the powder then roll it over the skin of your face to have the ideal mix. Moreover, it’s a pigmented setting powder which radiates the ideal smooth look after it has been applied. Made with safe and high-quality ingredients, this product will be an excellent addition to anyone’s makeup kit.


  • This setting powder gives flawless and smooth output.
  • It gives the modest shine and doesn’t leave excess shine.
  • It gives you a matte finish for an entire day without being heavy on your face.


  • Smaller container that]n advertised.
  • It makes you look aged sometimes.

Bottom Line

A perfect lightweight powder with a modest shine, the Laura Mercier setting powder is a great option for your everyday makeup needs.

  1. Aesthetica Banana Loose Setting Powder

With an all the more invigorating component with no talc, the Aesthetic Banana setting powder is unquestionably an enchantment. It gets clung to your skin for a long time and you needn’t bother with incessant touch-ups. Decreasing eye circles and concealing red blotchiness, this product with its banana tint tones is an excellent setting powder.

Furthermore, this setting powder with its oil-absorbing nature to get rid of excess oil from your skin, is very easy to apply. Apart from this excellent oil-absorbing quality, the handy appearance and velour puff of this powder also make it travel-friendly. The product has average to deep skin tones, which gives you a wide assortment of options to choose from, depending on which one suits your skin. Complement the flawless contouring, and you are set to go in less than 10 minutes. In addition, it comes with a detailed guide.


  • Formulated according to dermatological standards.
  • Removes excess shine.
  • Doesn’t crinkle in the fine lines and conceals them perfectly.
  • This setting-powder is paraben and talc free.
  • It works superbly for a dual combination skin and also oily skin.


  • This product is cakey.
  • The shades are a bit darker.

Bottom Line

This Aesthetica Banana setting powder is a favorite to a lot of women for its modest shiny look and incredible lightweight. Absorbing all excess shine, the Aesthetica Banana setting powder will be a great buy surely.

  1. Clinique Superpowder Double Face Makeup

The Clinique Superpowder Double Face Makeup plays a double role; it is both foundation as well as powder, and it also comes in compact size. The powder is long wearing, offering full coverage and working as a makeup finisher. You can totally depend on this incredible formula to get double coverage.

Its application is very simple; first adhere to the 3-step skin care system. Start by stacking the sponge applicator up with the setting powder, and then shake the excess off. Then smoothen it on your skin. Utilize where it is needed only. In case you want a complete application, start from the middle of your face, and slowly balance it outward afterwards. For such application, you ought to use a brush applicator instead of a sponge.

Then, blend it well into your skin, especially your jawline to highlight it. In the event that you used a sponge, make sure you wash it very well after use and dry completely. This is surely one of the best drugstore translucent powder in the market.


  • Super soft and light touch.
  • Perfectly hides blemishes
  • Doesn’t crack.
  • Very smooth on the face.


Bottom Line

In general, this setting powder would make a great addition to any makeup kit. Apart from giving a perfect finishing look, it will last all day long as well.

  1. Sephora Microsmooth Foundation Powder

This lightweight setting powder will blend so effortlessly unto your skin that you will likely forget you even applied any powder. While this powder lends a natural appearance, its coverage can be built. This setting powder is utilized by famous MUAs all over the globe.  It is mixed with radiance-boosting mineral. Also, it contains extracts of greet tea and sea coral.

The baked shades in the powder will sweep weightlessly onto your skin, providing you with a healthy-looking makeup and skin. The powder is formed by hand and made with minerals, and according to its manufacturers, it is baked to accomplish an airy texture. Depends on how you apply it, the coverage of the setting powder goes from sheer to complete.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Has a very wide coverage.
  • Doesn’t aggravate facial issues.
  • It blends effortlessly.
  • Perfect for people with facial issues.


  • No real con to mention.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a setting powder that gives you a very smooth, blemish-free look with a variety of colors, then you can’t go wrong with the Sephora Microsmooth Foundation Powder.

Buying Guide for the Best Setting Powder for Sensitive Skin

Any mistake made when choosing the ideal setting powder for sensitive skin can result in loss of energy, time, and money. So, to make things a bit easier for you, we have compiled some guides to help you make the right decision.

Find the Matching Shade

Always purchase the setting powder that matches the tone of your skin. Apart from the fact that any lighter or darker shade will destroy the view of your makeup, it will destroy your personality also. Try it out from an available tester in the store to have an idea of what it will look when its applied.

Consider the Weight

After you’ve choosing the setting powder that matches your skin tone, then find the one that is lightweight. Applying a heavy setting powder gives the foundation a patchy and cakey look.

Don’t Test On Your Hands

This is a mistake often made by ladies when purchasing a setting powder. Your hand and your face have different textures and skin tones, so testing a powder on the back of your hands isn’t a nice idea. You are advised to test the powder on a part of your face such as jawbone, neck, or cheek to have a better idea of what its shade looks like.

Foundation Powders

Some powders are marked as foundation powders. While they ought to be applied lightly, they can’t replace setting powders. These powders marked as foundation powders bring patchy and cakey look when applied on the foundation, thus aren’t recommended.

Blends Well

Another time-consuming step you need to do before applying your setting powder is blending. This step is very important as it can give out your desired look when it’s done perfectly. Thus, always take as much time as needed and bled it perfectly for the best outcome.

Choose the Product that Shows Light

You must keep in mind when purchasing  a setting powder to choose the one which mirrors the light. With this light reflection, your face looks brighter and more appealing. Actually, light-reflecting powders are capable of changing the view of a wrinkled and old face also.

Choose Loose Powders

Loose powders are those that have little particles which usually arrive in a container. A lot of people prefer them since blending the after the makeup’s application is much easier. Therefore, this makes your makeup routine easier. Besides, loose powders are utilized by professional MUAs.

Look for Expiry Dates

Some sellers tear off the expiry date from the makeup. Therefore, always make sure to check for the manufacturing and expiring dates of the powder you are buying to avoid any accident. In addition to that, the texture of the powder ought to be smooth and free of particles.

Makeup Application Tips for Sensitive Skin

If your skin is sensitive, then you need to be a bit more careful when applying makeups. Quickly read the following section for some sensitive skin tips.

Moisturize Your Face

Before beginning, your face needs to be moisturized first, and you’ll need a non-comedogenic and fragrance-free moisturizer for that since fragrance has a tendency of worsening the allergies in most people. Try choosing a product with little or no fragrance  that won’t further irritate your skin.

To shield your sensitive skin from the bright beams of then sun, choose a lotion with an SPF factor. Besides, this kind of lotion will keep your skin from becoming red. Always apply the moisturizer after bathing or after washing your face. Moisturizing sprits is an excellent alternative lotion for sensitive skin. Go for  a mist that is hydrating.

Apply Some Foundation

Once the skin has absorbed the moisturizer or the cream, apply some foundation. Choose a foundation that matches the type and tone of your skin. Since you have a sensitive skin, you are advised to choose a mineral based makeup because it doesn’t contain any fragrance and doesn’t have any dye. If you were thinking the makeup would give a general chalky appearance, then don’t worry. It will instead give your makeup a natural glow.

In addition, try to use a foundation brush to apply the foundation. We strongly recommend that you don’t use your fingers to apply the foundation. The reason for this recommendation is that fingers generate more irritating effect on the skin, and can make the skin become red, which is something you wouldn’t want.

Use a foundation brush to apply the foundation and apply some concealer to conceal the blemishes afterwards. If the blemishes aren’t very scarred or dark, you can use another foundation layer and not use the concealer.

Final Thoughts

Setting powders are probably the best makeup element for giving your makeup a flawless outlook. Finding the best setting powder is very essential and can be particularly challenging for people with sensitive skin. With all our recommendations and tips, however, we hope you can now go on to choose the perfect product for your skin.

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