Best Meat Biryani

Everybody who loves meat, loves biryani. Biryani is one of those dishes with which one can complete an entire day’s worth of nutrition and more. Having biryani with meat is the best because one can experiment before deciding on the type of biryani that they wish to have. There are different types of biryani and methods to cook depending on the meat that you wish to use.

Procuring meat from the shop can be quite the hassle if you are not prepared to travel all the way to get it. Now it is possible for you to purchase it online. Licious has some of the best meat online in India on offer and it will be delivered right at your doorstep. Here is a list of three different types of meat biryanis and how tasty they are:

Meat Biryani

Chicken Biryani:

The classic chicken biryani is considered to be the food of royalty and cooking it the right way will ensure that you have a dish that is unforgettable. There are many different types of biryanis that are available and they are differentiated on the way they are cooked. However, the one thing that most biryani enthusiasts will agree on is that this is probably the best type of biryani on offer!

Fish Biryani:

This is a style of biryani that is tricky to make, but if perfected, it is excellent. Fish or in most cases prawns are the most popular meat that is used to cook this type of biryani. Fish biryani is mostly preferred near coastal areas and it offers a different smell and audience as compared to the others.

Lamb Biryani:

Lamb biryani is also one of the best biryanis that is cooked in the “dum” style of cooking. The lamb pieces, once cooked properly, are excellent and soft and complement the “basmati” rice that is generally employed to cook biryani excellently. Make sure you get your meat order online to have it delivered at your doorstep with Licious.

Dum Cooking:

The “Dum” style of cooking is generally regarded as the most popular one to cook biryani. It refers to adding the meat after cooking it separately into the rice mixture and then cooking it inside a hot cauldron. Whatever be your style, you can be assured that Licious allows you to buy meat online in India and deliver it right at your doorstep.