Benefits of Using Pure Essential Oils

Essential Oils Can Improve Your Health

Many people new to learning about essential oils are surprised to find out that they don’t contain oils at all. They’ve concentrated plant components. Some are very expensive since it takes a lot of plants to make a small amount of oil. There are a couple of ways they can be used. They can be diluted with a carrier oil and then applied to the skin. They can be inhaled, or they can be ingested. It is important for people who are interested in using an essential oil, to research it to see how it should be used. Some can be irritating to the skin, and it can be harmful to ingest some of them in an incorrect quantity. One of the most popular uses for essential oils is in the aromatherapy field. They have been shown to help treat physical and psychological problems.


Common Ways to Use Essential Oils

Vapor inhalation of pure essential oils can help when you’re not feeling well. Massage using these precious oils can trigger a person’s healing response. Dilution is extremely important so that a person’s skin won’t be irritated. A common solution would involve a recipe of one ounce of carrier oil and fifteen drops of an essential oil. Popular carrier oils that can be easily purchased include coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil.


Putting essential oils in a bathtub is a great way for a person to relieve stress and relax. A foot bath with pure essential oils, like doTERRA essential oils, would be a great treat after a long day as well. People who have trouble sleeping at night because they have trouble falling asleep or because they don’t reach a deep sleep can try a bath or a foot bath to deal with those issues. Some people have even found success by spraying their bed or pillow with a lavender solution. Lavender can help reduce the levels of stress hormones in the blood.

Tea Tree Oil Uses

One popular oil is doTERRA tea tree oil, which can be used in a variety of ways to improve your health. It is made from the leaves of the tea tree. The chemicals in it have been tested for a variety of benefits. It is commonly applied to the skin to help with blemishes and other skin problems. It is also used on fingernails and toenails. Adding it to a warm bath can help people who may be feeling under the weather. There are more than twenty tea tree oil uses that can help the average person who is interested in starting to use oils in their everyday life.