Are You Using Steroids? Know This About Liver Health

The liver is the largest body organ and also one of the most vital. It is responsible for filtering harmful and toxic substances in the blood and food digestion process as well as energy storage. The liver is among the most fragile organs and prone to damage. Therefore, liver protection is something you should keep in mind when taking the anabolic steroids. From this piece of article, you will learn a few liver protection ideas which will help you maintain a healthy liver and avoid conditions that may lead to liver damage.  Some of the ideas include observing a healthy diet, exercising frequently and avoiding toxic substances such as smoking and alcohol.

The asteroids have some medical use but are also used illegally for some sports reasons. While we have millions of people using steroids treatment while knowing that the drug can damage the liver, a majority do not take their treatment cycle serious enough to deliver sufficient basis of protecting it. The liver damage happens because people do not fully understand the functions and the mechanisms of the liver to guard it effectively. One of the known roles of the liver is its ability to help in digestion. Digestion is a function that most people are well versed. But there is another vital function of this organ known as detoxification and the release of IGF-1 which is an essential human growth hormone metabolite. This fact shows that liver plays a part in metabolism. For us to understand how anabolic steroids can damage liver we need to take a look at the structure of this organ.

About Liver Health

Vital parts of the liver and their functions

The liver has three vital parts which are the Bile ducts, blood vessels, and the lobules. The bile ducts help transport the bile from the gallbladder where it is stored up to the small intestines, where it is used for breakdown and absorption of fats from the food during digestion. The bile is created by the liver and releases automatically to break down the fats. The fats are essential in the development of healthy hair and skin and also for optimal immune functions. It is necessary for the liver to produce bile and use the bile ducts to take it to small intestines. On the other hand blood vessels provide the liver with blood rich in nutrients which are processed and transported to all other parts of the body including the brain. These blood vessels are the hepatic vein and hepatic artery. The artery brings blood to the liver while the hepatic vein takes it out of the liver. If the liver is compromised, then it means that the body will not be able to get the required nutrients hence the overall functions of the body will be jeopardized. Finally, we have the lobules which are liver subunits. Their purpose is to process incoming blood from the artery and sent it to the veins. For the above reasons we need to do liver protection. A damaged liver cannot purify blood and distribute it through the use of the lobules. If the liver is unhealthy then the bile ducts, the blood vessels, and the lobules will not be able to function well and therefore, the overall function of the liver will be ineffective.

How anabolic steroids can damage your liver

Do anabolic steroids damage the liver? What can we do to protect the liver from the effects of abusing the treatment and maybe overdoing it?

Anabolic steroids may result in a condition called cholestasis. It affects the bile ducts in that, the bile cannot reach the small intestines, and it leaks in the blood. This condition affects the bile ducts. This condition shows its presence when enzyme aminotransferases test positive in the blood. The other effect of anabolic to the liver comes in due to their addictive ability. When the user is addicted to steroids, the body craves for higher doses of the drug and organ can be damaged by high drug content accumulation in the blood.