Are High Paying Healthcare Careers Without a Graduate Degree Possible?

When you say that someone has a high-paying career in the medical world, the common thought people have would be that the person is either a physician or a surgeon. While they do get paid a lot for what they do, they did have to go through a lot of schooling to get to where they are. Getting a medical degree does cost a lot of time and money, and not everyone can easily afford it in order to get that huge paycheck from a healthcare job.

If you are looking for a high-paying career in the healthcare industry but do not have the money to finish a medical or graduate degree, don’t despair. There are actually a few jobs that pay really well in the medical industry that do not require you to have these. Here are some that require only a Bachelor’s degree that you may want to consider:

Biomedical Engineer – those in this line of work are the ones who design equipment that are to be used in healthcare. They create computer systems, software, devices, and many more for the health industry. In order to become a biomedical engineer, a Bachelor’s degree in Bio-engineering or Biomedical Engineering is needed. You can also choose to finish any engineering course with biological science electives in it for you to qualify for this line of work. Annual median salary of biomedical engineers is around $86,000.

Physician Assistant – while some people may tell you that you will need a master’s degree to become a physician assistant, the minimum requirements of such a post is a bachelor’s degree in any healthcare oriented field (like nursing) and physician assistant training from a certified institution. Those who work as PAs are expected to help physicians with examining, diagnosing and treating patients. They will also require licensing to do this. The annual median salary of PAs is roughly around $98,000.

Radiation Therapists – also called Rad Techs, or radiation technicians, those who are in this job must know how to use equipment for radiation treatment, which is aimed at helping patients with cancer. Radiation therapists work with oncologists and radiation physicists, and they administer targeted and precise radiation treatments to those with cancer. Educational attainment requirement for this line of work is a Bachelor’s Degree in Radiation Therapy, although in some States, an associate degree with certification or licensing will do. Annual median salary for a Rad Tech is at $75,000.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist – these are those individuals who operate x-ray machines and other equipment that require the use of radioactive drugs and imaging equipment. If you want a career as a nuclear medicine technologist, you will be the one administering the radioactive drugs that help show the abnormalities in a person’s body and you will also be tasked with operating the scanners that are used to show these. Educational attainment needed for such a job is a Bachelor’s Degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology, but some States require only an Associate’s Degree in this study. Some states also require licensing while others don’t. Annual median salary for this healthcare job is around $73,000.