An Introduction About The Side Effects of HGH

HGH is being produced by our pituitary gland and found right in the base of our brain. What the HGH does is promote the growth of new cells and body tissues. It is needed for the normal growth in children. They won’t get tall, and they will not gain adult muscles, without it. However, the decline of this production will happen when we reach adulthood. It starts to slow down in our adolescence years and will stop at 35.

Side Effects of HGH

What we can do about this is to take HGH supplements to fill in the lacking growth hormones in our body. Using the latest technologies in genetic engineering, these supplements are made. They are sometimes injected into our body with a synthetic HGH. Others take a table form supplement to boost the pituitary gland. But HGH has some side effect. Even though it is very helpful and can be productive for our health, it can also cause several bad effects to us. When there is a lack of supervision from our doctor, we usually get this. Also, when there is an increase in the correct dosage, this can cause side effects from HGH. That is why it is very important always consult a doctor and to follow the proper dosage. With excess dosages of somatropin, cause side effect badly.

Describe some of the most common side effects of HGH: Acromegaly is the condition where in an overgrowth bone in the face and its connective tissues. This will lead to the change or distortion of the facial appearance and also lead into other abnormal growth in the different parts of our body. Unexpected hair growths will also be observed and more serious case, it can even cause early death. Heart Enlargement is caused by the prolonged use of the HGH booster or supplements. There is only a certain range of time where we can take the product; longer than that will cause side effects into our body. Because of the too much dosage of growth hormones, there will be irregular growth within our organs. Heart enlargement is a very serious side effect of HGH. It can cause death to the patient.

The improper intake of HGH, there will be confusion in our system. It is said that this will cause low blood sugar level to users. It can even lead to diabetic coma with more several cases. Water retention is one of the most common side effects of HGH. The liver which is the largest organ in our body can also get damaged with the excess amount of HGH. This can even cause cancer. With excess dosages of somatropin that produces hormones. When there is a confusion of hormonal levels in our body, even the thyroid gland will also be affected. Even the HGH which is an essential hormone that needed by our body needs to be taken carefully.