All You Need to Know About a Rollator

A rollator is a device which provides stability and balance to the user. Often conceptualized as a modern form of a walker, it is easier and convenient to use. It is usually used by people who are disabled or those who have injuries in the leg or back. For more information on rollators, you can have a look in

Rollators are a product of innovation and creative technology. Though the basic structure and function of walkers and rollators are the same, they are both distinct in their operations. Rollators offer more comfort and convenience. These days, rollators have become very common and you can find a lot of designs for rollators.

About a Rollator

What is the Basic Difference between a Rollator and a Walker?

The walker consists of a metal frame and handlebars which the user grips and uses to move forward. Walkers may be with or without wheels. A rollator, on the other hand, has either three r four-wheel which the user uses to move. A rollator has a seat and basket which makes it comfortable to use and relax. The basket can be used to easily carry or transport things or materials from one place to another. These features are absent in a walker. A rollator also offers an increased speed in movement than a walker. While a walker also performs a similar function, a rollator is much more durable and sturdy than a walker.

Rollators or walkers are used by people of old age who find it difficult to move around. The device provides support and stability to the user. It is also used by people who are recovering from leg injuries or spinal injuries and problems. in fact, rollators are increasingly being used by such people. Even rollators are available in different designs to suit your needs and you can select them according to your convenience.

What are the Types of Rollators Available?

There are basically three types of rollators available in the market. They are:

  • Heavy duty rollators- these types of rollators are specifically designed for heavier It can accommodate people with more weight. The design is such that the wheels are larger. The seating area is also larger than other types. The entire frame is made of reinforced steel to withstand greater capacity.
  • Three wheel rollators- as the name suggests, the rollators have a three-wheel One wheel is at the front whereas two other wheels are at the back. The design helps the user to make turns easily and quickly. Usually, there are no seats in such a kind of rollator. Such rollators are easy to handle than the other types.
  • Four-wheel rollators- in the four-wheel rollators there are two wheels in the front and the rest two in the back. The front wheels are designed to swivel. The four-wheel rollators come with a seat which allows the user to relax.

A rollator lets one move around easily. A rollator must always be chosen based on requirement and convenience.