All About Growth Hormones

Human growth hormones activate the cell regeneration process by simulating the cell division and multiplying process mitosis and cytokinesis respectively. The protein synthesis takes places by the enzymes created by the growth hormone to get into permeable membranes of the cells, thereby, treating growth hormone deficiencies.

Growth Hormones

Causes for growth hormone deficiencies

  • Infections in the person, may lead to growth hormone levels to dip too.
  • There have been cases where there has been trauma to the head or the brain which may give rise to growth hormone deficiency.
  • The pituitary gland growth may not allow it to secrete hormones properly.
  • If the pituitary gland is not formed properly during birth than this may impact the secretion of the growth hormones.
  • The functions of the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus may decline due to age and other medical factors, this may cause decrease in the secretion of the growth hormone.
  • Certain syndromes such as their Prader Willie and Turner are the culprits for the growth hormone deficiency.

How to know you have a deficiency

  • Sometimes if there is no growth in the stature of the person even if age advances.
  • Blood tests show that there is a deficiency. But this has to be done throughout the day, as there is a variation of the amount of HGH in the body at various times of the day.
  • There are other tests also to help diagnose better such as x-rays, thyroid and kidney function test help reveal the deficiency.
  • MRI scans on the brain also allow the doctor to know whether the hypothalamus responds to the stimuli of generating HGH to the body when required.

How it is treated

Treating growth hormone deficiency is very expensive and if diagnosed with the problem, the person may have to take HGH injections all their lives.

The other HGH enhancer would be change in lifestyle and particularly diet which is rich in protein will enable the body once again start the HGH secretion process. Click this link to know more.

Side effects of the medication

There are some minor side effects with taking HGH injections to overcome the deficiency which also depends on the dosage and person to person.

Its a painful injection and hence given on the hip and you will definitely experience pain in that region.

There are chances of rashes or itching on the injected part.

Pain in the head also may be noticed.

There is also a chance that prolonged hormone therapies may cause a disruption in the other hormone secretions and functioning for the pituitary gland. Hence it is always advisable that the doctor should be aware of such anomalies and try to rectify them in the initial stages.

In HGH we can see that the muscle gained needs to be retained and size and strength which can only be done by the accompaniment of testosterone. It’s like a pair made in heaven, as both are hormones and they complement each other in function. It is now a common phenomenon to stack the two biggies and get the best results for your body.