A Look at the Best Types of Pillow For Neck Pain

Thousands of peoples in the UK and hundreds of thousands if not millions of people worldwide are causing themselves a literal pain in the neck simply by resting their heads every night on ill-suited, flat or worn-out pillows. Further, thousands are also causing themselves neck aches and pains by failing to realise that piling up the pillows is just as bad as plumping for the wrong one.  And, that is just the people who haven’t suffered a neck injury or are suffering a condition such as arthritis which has or is causing their neck pain.

Hence, pillows matter not just when attempting to alleviate injury or illness related neck pain, but to prevent and cure neck pain which could be caused by making-do for the wrong one.

Pillow For Neck Pain

Purchasing Pillows According to Sleeping Position

The position you most often sleep in is one of the major factors, or should be, in determining what the right pillow is for you. This is true whether neck pain is something you suffer from or not as failing to purchase pillows that suit the position you sleep in could in fact cause or exacerbate neck stiffness, soreness or pain.

Understanding the importance sleep position plays when purchasing pillows, today most specialist bedding suppliers such as SleepyPeople.com make finding the perfect pillow simple by categorising their pillow range according to whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper. As such, when looking to replace your pillows, it is always advisable to forego supermarket and department store offerings and instead turn to the experts, making use of the advice they offer, such as that given by Sleepy People in their ‘The Best Pillows for Neck Pain’ Guide which you can read via the Sleepy People blog.

Purchasing Pillows According to Pillow Fillings

Another often confusing aspect of pillow shopping is knowing whether to opt for a microfiber filled pillow, memory foam or feather. In fact, whilst they are three most popular options out there, there are far more options to choose from, including water, latex and buckwheat.

For those suffering from neck pain and living in the UK (where you are unlikely to come across many if any buckwheat pillows), one of the most highly recommended types of pillow to try is either a shredded memory foam pillow or alternatively a contour memory foam pillow, both of which and many more you can learn about by giving the ‘Top 10 Rated Pillows for Neck Pain Reviews, How to Choose the Best Pillow to Avoid Neck Pain?’ article published via the B Pillow website.

Memory foam pillows often prove the perfect choice for those suffering neck pain as they offer firm support for the neck and head. Meanwhile, because of the unique composition of memory foam, it is brilliantly adept at altering its shape and so provides the best combination of comfort and stability.

Purchasing Additional Pillows

Whilst it is never a good idea (especially if attempting to alleviate or avoid neck pain) to double up on pillows, there is an exception to the rule. Additional pillows used to support the back rather than the head can in many cases provide additional support and help to maintain the spine’s natural curvature and so relieve stress and reassure otherwise likely to be caused to a person’s neck. So, before rushing out to replace your existing pillows, it is advisable to first try placing a pillow between your legs whilst sleeping if you are a side sleeper. Meanwhile, if you sleep on your back placing a pillow beneath the small of your back can help.