8 Nutritional Tips for Women Cyclists

Bike riding is a high energy sport, especially if you are going for long distances. For this reason, you should always eat well whether you are on the road or at home after a ride. By following the tips listed below, the female cyclist should gain the nutrients that she needs without gorging herself in the process.

Tip On8 Nutritional Tips for Women Cyclistse: KeepaWell-StockedKitchenThis scenario has happened to the best of us; you come home after a long ride only to find that there is no food in the pantry. Shopping while you are hungry never yields the best results, especially when it comes to having a healthy diet. To avoid this, keep the following nutritious and filling foods within your kitchen cupboard: Oats (regular or instant) Tinned beans Chocolate soy milk Peanut butter Canned tunaCouscousNuts or seeds Low-fat yoghurt By stocking your pantry, you can get home and fill that empty stomach with food that tastes great and maintains your fitness at the same time.

Tip Two: ChooseMilkoverEnergyDrinksWhen finishing a strenuous ride, it is all too common to have a quick energy drink to help recover. Research has shown that a glass of milk is much more effective at enabling physical recovery after a ride. Its natural combination of calories, carbohydrates, and proteins also helps build muscle and restore energy levels. Not to mention that its basic nature will help neutralize any acid that has built up in your stomach during the ride. For maximum benefit, drink a glass of low-fat milk within two hours of finishing your journey.

Tip Three: While Riding, EatOftenTypically, it takes between 90 and 120 minutes of cycling for your body to completely use up its glycogen supplies. At this point, it may be impossible to continue as you are drained of energy. To avoid this situation, eat every 30 or 45 minutes during your ride. Alternating energy bars with actual food like nuts, fruits, and sandwiches is recommended. Chips can also be helpful to restore your body’s salt stores.

Tip Four: ControlYourWaterIntakeWhen on the road, never drink your water too quickly regardless of how thirsty you are. One bottle an hour is the optimal amount as this will keep you hydrated without putting you at risk of stomach cramps while cycling.

Tip Five: EatRightforLongDistancesIf you are going to be in the saddle for more than two hours, you will need some proper food. Energy snacks and nuts will not provide you with the nutrients you need to get to your destination in good condition. The following foods will work to give you the added energy your body requires: Cheese Bread/Bagels Peanut Butter You might also consider drinking energy drinks such as Gatorade for these longer treks as they will replenish your electrolytes as well as rehydrate you for the ride.

Tip Six: Experiments you can see, there are many options available for replenishing your energy, vitamins, and minerals both during and after cycling. You will need to experiment with different foods to find out which combination works best for your body. Take note that every woman has a slightly different physical makeup, meaning that some snacks may work better for you than others.

Tips even: KeepTrackWhile out bike riding, it can be easy to forget to have something to eat. This can decrease your performance, later on, transforming an enjoyable trek into a nightmare. Wear a watch that beeps every 45 minutes. In this way, you will know when to stop and have something to eat so you can stay in the saddle for hours on end.

Tip Eight: TheBenefitsofProteinOnce you have finished your ride, you should always consume some protein. Adding low-fat meat or fish to your meal can help repair your muscles after a strenuous ride. This substance will also boost your immune system, ensuring that you stay healthy despite being slightly weaker after spending hours in the saddle.

Finally, protein will help you retain energy and carbohydrates after a lengthy ride, ensuring that you recover a lot faster. About the Author Founded in the early 90s, ProBiKeKit is a leading online road cycling expert with headquarters in the United Kingdom. They aim to provide the best information on bicycle apparel and components.