6 Stretches that Completely Relieve Lower Back Pain

One of the many things that pull back the current generation from being in the prime of fitness is the prolonged hours of improper sitting in front of a computer. The improper posture during sitting puts certain parts of the body under stress. The neck, shoulder and lower back are the most commonly affected areas.

As neck and shoulder can be easily moved, the problems usually do not aggravate. But with an immovable lower back, it is tricky to relieve the pain. Here are 6 stretches that will aid in relieving the pain in lower back and achieving ideal body posture.

  1. Knee to Chest Stretch

Knee to Chest Stretch

The stretch is done while lying down on the floor. Lie with your back on the floor and both legs bent at knees. Bring forward the left leg towards the chest and grab it with both your hands. Bring the leg as closer as you can towards the chest.

Alternate the legs and ease your muscles. Hold the knee close to the chest for about 20 seconds as this will help strengthen and relax your glutes. Wear proper fitness clothes before getting on the floor. You can use healthkart discount coupons to get good offers on gym and home exercise essentials like fitness clothing, gloves and belts.

  1. Spinal Stretch

This is one of the most effective stretches that helps get rid of the lower back pain. You can start by lying down on the gym mat on the floor. Twist your left leg to one side while moving the upper body to the other. This will be effective on the lower back and instantly reduces the pain.

Feel the relaxation yet again when you twist your leg and the upper body in the other opposite direction. Hold the position for a minimum of 20 seconds on either sides to ease the muscles and allow the flow of blood.

  1. Hamstring Floor Stretch

Hamstring Floor Stretch

The Hamstring Floor Stretch focuses on the hamstring muscles and aims to reduce the pain in the lower back. Enjoy the easing of back muscles as you work your hamstring as well. Lie on the back with your legs bent at the knees.

Raise one leg as you bring forward your hands to grab it. Keep the lifted leg straight and hold the position for 30 seconds. Now, alternate the position with the other leg. Do a maximum of 6-8 reps for each leg.

  1. Yoga Cat/Cow

Yoga Cat Cow

A good exercise that works your neck and lower back muscles, the Yoga Cat/Cow is done by kneeling on all fours. Keep the hands under shoulders and knees right below the hips. Exhale as you gently arch your back and bring the head down. Now, inhale and return back to the previous position.

You can try to hold the position for a maximum of 20 seconds before relaxing. A minimum of 5-6 reps is recommended.

  1. Cobra Stretch

Cobra Stretch

A good movement to release the pressure from tight abdominal muscles and extend the lower back, Cobra stretch starts with lying on the floor with face towards it. Extend your legs and lie on the stomach with palms planted on either side of the body.

Exhale as you being your body up and hold it with the palms. Reach a comfortable position and stretch your back. Hold it for 10 seconds and slowly move back to your starting position. Take up gym classes using nearbuy coupons and feel the difference by strengthening your neck, shoulder and back muscles.

  1. Total Back Stretch

Total Back Stretch

The total back stretch focuses on the entire back area. You can stand at a hand’s reach apart from a table. Bend down and hold the table while not bending your knees. You will feel the relaxation of lower back muscles.

Hold the position for about 20 seconds before letting go and returning back to the original position. Do a minimum of 5-6 reps and take a rest of 2 minutes before beginning the next.