5 Spa Treatments to Help You Feel & Look Your Best This Spring

With winter becoming a distant memory, we’re now enjoying the warmer weather and longer evenings that spring brings us.

Therefore, as we begin to approach the summer months, this is the perfect time when you might want to start preparing your body for the warmer months, particularly as plenty of us tend to neglect our bodies the during winter.

As you start to shed off the layers and expose your skin to the sunshine, you might be looking at ways as to how you can achieve the desired healthy glow.

So let’s take a look at five top spa treatments to help you look and feel great this spring.

Spa Treatments

Exfoliate your skin

Whilst you might be busy cleansing, washing and moisturising, many of us tend not to exfoliate our skin as much as we should do, however this is a fundamental part of your beauty routine that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Exfoliating your skin is so important for your body as it essentially helps to remove the dead skin cells lying on the surface of your skin.

According to a woman’s health post looking at the importance of exfoliation, it is the process in which we shed skin cells and restore new ones which slows down as we become older.

This can mean that when dead skin cells begin to stock up on the surface of the skin, this results in dull and dry looking skin and can increase excess oil and blocked pores.

You can either manually exfoliate your skin using a gentle scrub with smooth and rounded granules rather than a scrub using rough particles which could irritate and damage the skin, or use a chemical exfoliation.

If you have sensitive skin, then ensure that you take care when using chemical exfoliators and perhaps look to use products using more natural ingredients.

Once a week is all it takes to help to help achieve healthy and glowing skin!

Moisturise your body

In the winter especially, our skin can suffer from a lack of moisture, as it doesn’t store as much sebum in lower temperatures resulting in the special film which helps to decrease the rate of evaporation of moisture being less effective.

Therefore, to help restore the moisture which has been taken from your skin, moisturising the skin is essential for hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Furthermore, moisturising also has the advantage of helping to improve blood circulation around the body which can boost collagen levels.

Premier waxing

Another great spa treatment to help you look and feel great this spring, especially if you might want to start opting for dresses and shorts in the warmer weather, is to book yourself in for a wax.

Whilst there are lots of self-waxing kits that you can try using yourself, the treatment will be much easier, less painful and have better results if you leave it to the professionals!

Holmer Park Health Club and Spa understand the importance of having super silky skin that makes you look and feel fabulous, therefore their team of highly qualified and experienced staff, who use Perron Rigot’s waxing, believe that this is the quickest and most comfortable way to achieving great results!

Pamper your feet

Not only do you want your feet to look as appealing as possible for when you ditch the winter boots for summery sandals, but our feet do endure quite a bit of wear and tear that you ought to pay attention to this season.

To get your feet looking smooth and revitalised, begin by using a foot file to remove hard and dead skin underneath your feet, particularly around the heels and balls of the feet which are most susceptible to dry and hard skin. You can pick up a foot file at high street chemists such as Boots.

You can then exfoliate the skin using a grainy scrub and then apply a rich moisturiser to give your feet the ultimate pamper treatment and leave them feeling super soft.

Lastly if you are going to be wearing summery shoes, then painting your toe nails a bright colour will help complete the foot treatment and ensure that you really are ready for the good weather to come!

Gradual tan for a bronzed finish

Once you have finished exfoliating your skin, applying a gradual tan is the perfect way to achieve a sun kissed and healthy appearance ready for when the warmer weather hits.

However, achieving a natural bronzed look may not be as easy as it sounds, which if you have attempted self tanning before will probably be aware of!

Exfoliating is clearly important to remove any dead skin cells and create as smooth a skin surface as possible, but on the day of tanning, avoiding moisturising your body and restricting moisturising to just your face to help to achieve natural and smooth looking results.

These are just a handful of spa treatments that can help you to look and feel great this spring. Giving your body the pampering it deserves won’t just help with preparing for the summer months which are fast approaching, but it will also help your body to feel revitalised and invigorated so that you look and feel healthy this season!