5 Reasons To Get Fit As A New Mum This Spring

You’ve given birth to a beautiful bundle of joy, and what better time than spring which we associate with celebrating new life!

Life when you bring your baby home from the hospital certainly does have its challenges! It’s not just yourself that you are now looking after, but your new born as well.

It can often be quite difficult getting back into shape after months of carrying your baby around, and finding the time to exercise your body whilst juggling baby bottles and nappies isn’t always the easiest thing.

However there are lots of reasons as to why getting fit as a new mum is a good idea this Spring, therefore if you aren’t too sure about ditching the pyjamas and rolling out the yoga mat just yet, then these five motivations may just help to convince you.

Get Fit As A New Mum This Spring


Probably one of the most important reasons as to why getting back into shape after pregnancy this season would be a great idea is to help your body to heal.

This is an important part of your body’s recovery, therefore exercising will help to tone up your muscles so that you heal more quickly.

Another important benefit of getting fit after giving birth is that it will also help to energise your body which you will certainly need in order to help look after you and your baby!

Exercise classes are a great way of getting back into shape, and the advice from instructors can also help ensure that you’re exercising your body in the correct way.

The Shrewsbury Club offer a fantastic variety of Mummy Fit classes to help you regain your fitness and health at a level suitable for your body. From MummyFit Pilates to MummyFit Spinning, there are classes to suit your preferences of exercising, and their training specialist can provide you with assistance in your post natal recovery.

Better weather

Exercising comes in lots of forms and what better way of getting back into shape than heading outdoors!

As we can often look forward to bright and sunny weather in spring, then this is another perfect reason as to why you should take every opportunity to enjoy exercising outside, whether it be a walk around park or taking your yoga mat outside.

Quality time with your baby

Another reason why exercising this spring is a great idea is that it is the perfect opportunity to incorporate some quality mother and baby time.

There are lots of ways that you can practice your exercises in the comfort of your home, which your newborn can join in with too!

One of Parenting’s 10 Fun Exercises to Do With Your Baby could include the upper body shaper ‘Triceps Tightener’. This involves sitting on the floor next to your baby with your knees bent, and with your hands placed behind your hips on the floor with your fingers facing forward and straight arms, and then gently lifting yourself off the floor and begin to do these in sets of 10.

Prepare for summer

After giving birth your body will look quite different to how it did before you were pregnant, yet don’t be disheartened as there are plenty of ways that you can get back into shape.

Therefore another incentive to get fit this Spring is that it is the perfect time before summer approaches, therefore when the sun starts to shine and the weather becomes warmer then you’ll you be able to enjoy wearing your favourite summer clothes again.


As part of the recovery process after giving your birth, it’s also important that you remember to keep your body relaxed, and one of the ways that you can do this is to exercise.

However it is important not over do it, particularly in the first few weeks after giving birth otherwise you could be putting added stress onto your body which it isn’t ready for.

If you are unsure about when you should start exercising, then it’s advisable to speak to your GP. Remember everyone’s body is different therefore will have different recovery periods.

Hopefully these five reasons as to why getting fit this spring as a new mum is a great idea has helped to show you that exercising can be a fun way of helping your body to heal and recover whilst also enjoying the fantastic weather spring has in store for you.