3 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Working Multiple Jobs

The stresses of modern times often demand that people work multiple jobs. While one job was more than enough to pay the bills in the middle of the 20th century, stagnant pay rates, and higher living costs have made it necessary for many to work far more than 40 hours per week. Working multiple jobs is inherently stressful, but there are some techniques that can make it easier to handle. Here are three ideas to consider.

3 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Working Multiple Jobs

1) Do Not Take Work Home One skill that is constantly discussed but rarely implemented properly is not taking the stresses of work home. After spending hours at a job, it can be difficult to complete unplug and relax; a bit of practice, however, can make it easier to completely remove oneself from the demands of work.

 The human mind needs to detach itself from work on occasion, and enjoying the moments, however brief, while one is not working is crucial to ensuring that the brain can recover and prepare for the next day. Those working two jobs should consider enjoying their time off as a third job and make sure that they are not spending their free time stressing about what they have been through during the day.

2) Do Not Be Afraid to Try New Jobs Sometimes, those who work multiple jobs feel that they are trapped by where they are working. One way to deal with this is to seek better employment. Too often, people assume that they will dislike all of their jobs equally, but there may be jobs that complement their work better or give them some relief.

Pizza delivery, for example, might be a great idea for those who spend their days sitting at a desk. Pizza delivery allows workers to get up and move around, and being able to listen to music in the car while working can be a great change of pace. It is sometimes worth being paid a bit less for a second job that is easier to handle.

3) Sleep Right, Eat Well and Exercise The stress of working multiple jobs often leads workers to lead unhealthy lives. Sleep, for example, is often neglected, and stress builds noticeably when people do not get enough sleep. Making a regular, consistent sleep schedule a part of one’s routine can help tremendously. Diet often suffers as well as eating junk food is far easier than cooking meals. The cost and stress of poor diet, however, can make it far more difficult to work long schedules.

 Finding meals that are easy to cook and healthful can help get through long days with a high energy level. While most who work multiple jobs scoff at the idea of adding exercise to their weekly routines, the medical benefits are tremendous.

Further, research shows that only twenty or thirty minutes of low-intensity exercise three nights per week is enough to make a noticeable difference on many measures of health, so those who can squeeze in a few walks per week will be better able to handle multiple jobs. Exercise can also be an enjoyable experience. Working multiple jobs is never ideal, but it is sometimes necessary to pay down debt or support a family. While there will inevitably be stresses that arise, being proactive and taking steps to prepare oneself can help.

By focusing on the steps outlined above, workers can make their workweeks a bit more tolerable. Dennis Walker is a business executive and guest author at BusinessMBA.org, where he contributed to the guide to The Top 10 Best Affordable MBA Programs. I am Shiraz Ali Internet Marketing & SEO Experts. I am the founder and editor of labor, a blog to find and submit free guest post and get free Do-Follow backlinks for your site