3 Benefits of Installing Stairlifts in your Home

As we get older, negotiating flights of steps even in your own home can become more and more of a challenge. Regardless of how long you have lived in your current home, whether it’s only a few years or it is the house in which you have raised your family, chances are you are comfortable there and moving to a new property is an inconvenience most wouldn’t want to consider. This is where stairlifts come in and most people only appreciate their full benefits once one has been installed in their own home.

Installing Stairlifts

If you’re considering having one placed on your property, here are 3 benefits of installing stair lifts in your home:

  1. Reduce the risk of Accidents

One obvious benefit of installing a stairlift in your home is that you are able to reduce the risk of injury through an accidental stumble or fall, which not only gives you peace of mind but reassures those who care about you. As we become older, it can get much more difficult to negotiate stairs and research has shown that they are responsible for a majority of accidents involving older people in the home. For those affected by this installing a stairlift can be a great solution to alleviating this worry.

  1. Maintain your Independence

As mentioned above, regardless of how long you have been living in your current house, you will have taken steps over that time to make it a comfortable home for you and your loved ones. But as we get older negotiating a flight of steps can easily become a tricky obstacle that fills us with anxiety. But that need not be the case in your own home. By having stairlifts to improve independence installed, you can maintain your freedom without ever having to worry about going up or down the stairs again. 

  1. Avoid Renovating or Selling your

As an alternative to moving home to a ground floor property without, or having to go through the inconvenience of renovating and converting your house, installing a stairlift is a cost effective and hassle-free solution.  This means with a minor tweak to your property, you can remain in familiar surroundings and carry on with your life. 

Other advantages of installing stairlifts include great benefits like easing any existing health conditions such as inflammation of the joints or arthritis which can be exacerbated by trips up and down flights of stairs. Additionally, having a stairlift installed also means that you can continue to make full use of your home as stairs will no longer restrict you from certain parts of your house. Stairlifts are also quite varied and versatile, which means that by using a trusted supplier you can find the one that suits your needs just right. 


Stairlifts can also be installed temporarily,- in the case of someone who may have undergone a major procedure and is unable to walk well for some time for example; the key is to choose a well respected and established installer and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above in the familiar comforts of your home.