10 Tips to Control Sex Addiction


Any individual who has overcome addiction knows that the hardest part of the process is creating an environment where you don’t fall back into those old habits that led you down the path of destruction. Individuals who have sought care from sex addiction treatment facilities will learn that there are ten tips to follow to control sex addiction and prevent relapse.

Control Sex Addiction

  1. Change your lifestyle.

For any addict, a change in lifestyle is an important part of preventing relapse. You must actively remove yourself from situations that previously led to the behavior at the start. This may involve tackling a different type of job, making new friends who can relate to your addiction, or choosing to eliminate certain people/situations from your life.

  1. Seek treatment for substance abuse problems.

As substance abuse is directly linked to high risk behavior, proper treatment is necessary to avoid a slide back. There are a variety of treatment facilities open today that offer both intensive inpatient and outpatient programs as well as lifestyle guidance and housing for those committed to facing their addictions permanently.

  1. Establish healthy ways of handling stress.

Stress is a big factor in all types of negative behavior. It has the ability to cloud our perception of circumstances and make us take drastic measures to “feel” better. Finding new ways to handle stress is essential in preventing a sexual addiction relapse. Some ideas include meditation, yoga, and group therapy.

  1. Address the underlying mental disorders.

Most cases of sex addiction are a result of some sort of psychological disorder. Addressing these problems head on is a vital component in treating sex addiction. This may involve therapy and medication. Work with a doctor who wants to help you feel like yourself for the best results.

  1. Get educated.

Successful individuals who overcome their addiction do so because they educate themselves on their own disorders, people like them, and the psychology behind it all. A deeper understanding of your own response helps improve the way you view your issues.

  1. Be dedicated to treatment plans.

Whatever treatment plan is composed by you and your doctor, be committed to it. Consistency and dedication are key to overcoming temptation to pick up old habits.

  1. Have a plan of action for setbacks.

Life is full of surprises that may lead to a slide back into old sex addiction habits. With help of your treatment counselor, it is possible to have a course of action for handling these setbacks with ease.

  1. Pick up new healthy habits.

As is said, idle hands lead to trouble. When you have overcome any type of addiction, downtime can be your biggest obstacle. Boredom leads to a desire for old habits. Keep your alone time minimal by picking up new healthy activities such as fitness routines, sports activities in the community, or even hobby groups.

  1. Have a support network.

Surround yourself with positive people – family and friends – as well as a group of individuals who have been in your shoes. This foundation is why addiction meeting groups are so successful.

  1. Focus on your goals.

After addiction, your goals are, likely, to lead a happy, healthy life. Focus on your dreams and goals to help deter your mind from wandering down paths that take you back to your addiction. When you want to succeed more than you want your addiction, you will.