10 Easy But Effective Tips To Lose The Holiday Weight

Are you still feeling guilty for overeating during the holiday break?

During the holidays – Christmas and New Year (and all days in between) we feel like it’s a sin to think about dieting. It’s just that there are so many food and parties and dinners that it would be rude for you to ignore. And most of the times, most people get carried away. Sorry to burst your bubbles dear friends, the holidays are over and it is back to reality including the reality that you need to finally lose the holiday weight.

It seems like a nightmare but you’ll get over it eventually. Here are 10 easy but very effective tips to help you lose extra pounds you gain over the holiday season.

Effective Tips To Lose The Holiday Weight

  1. Set a specific goal and timeline – first of all, you need to plan your actions and you need to set your goals. Do you wish to lose 5 pounds in the next month? Set your goals and set an acceptable and realistic timeline.
  2. Drink lots of water – drinking water will help you feel full all throughout the day and it helps you keep hydrated. Drinking a glass or two of water before meals is also effective to avoid eating too much.
  3. Eat healthy breakfast – breakfast is very important so you need to start right. Eat high protein breakfast since it keeps you feel full and energized. However, stick with low-fat protein sources like yogurt, low-fat soy drinks, thinly sliced meat and cheese.
  4. Eat often but in smaller portions – it is wrong to starve yourself to lose weight. In fact, you should eat more often BUT make sure to eat small portions of food.
  5. Move your body – holidays are fantastic since you get time off from your usual routine specifically work. It’s nice to stay in the couch or in bed all day but that routine has to end the moment we welcome a new year. It’s time to move your body and work it.
  6. Start visiting the gym more – you might even need to start visiting the gym more often to sweat off all the fats you gain during your break.
  7. Drink healthy supplements – it is also best to drink healthy supplements to burn fat. Learn more about weight loss supplements at Supps R Us.
  8. Weigh yourself every week – you should monitor your progress by weighing yourself every week. This will help you know if you are doing great or if you need to boost some extra efforts.
  9. Stay away from sodas – it will be best if you stay away from drinking sodas since it is high in calories and sugar. Stick with drinking water.
  • Stay away from alcohol – another enemy in losing weight is alcohol. Do not waste your efforts in the gym and with your diet by drinking beer or other alcoholic drinks. Stay away from alcohol at least until you reached your goals.

With enough determination and consistent effort, you can definitely lose weight and go back to your normal self or even better. Just think about your jeans that you can no longer wear now. It’s frustrating right? So go and follow these tips to help you fit in those jeans again.