How Are Blood Clots Created and How Can Xarel to Help Curing Them?


Blood clots, though very common can sometimes cause amajor problem for thehuman body. They can travel to the important organs and can cause the blockage of the blood supply to the organ. This means that the organ won’treceives the amount of blood it needs and will also be deprived of oxygen supply which might cause the organ to fail. This is why people from ancient times use ablood thinner to get rid of the clots.

There are many blood thinning drugs available in the market today and one of the newest and the most popular drug present in the market is Xarelto. The drug contains an active ingredient named rivaroxaban, which is also known as ananti-thrombotic ingredient. This drug efficiently helps in stopping the formations of blood clots in the blood vessels.

Blood Clots

Blood clots generally are created in the body to stop bleeding that might occur due to injury to tissue in the body. Clotting is a complicated process and when blood clotting begins a cascade of chemicals are activatedin the body, which results in the creation of an enzyme called thrombin.It’sthe main reason behind the complete process of blood clotting. Thrombin also causes conversion of fibrinogen into fibrin, which binds blood cells together to form ablood clot.

However, sometimes, a blood clot can be formed abnormally within the blood vessels, which is also known as athrombus.This is very dangerous because the clot might travel in the bloodstream andmight eventually getstuck in a blood vessel, resulting in blocking the blood supply to a vital organ, like the heart, lungs, or even the brain.

Some people naturally have increased chancesof getting blood clots in the blood vessels. This usually happensbecause of a disturbance in the blood flow in the blood vessels.The risk of blood clots after hip or knee replacement surgeries are also seen to be very more. This risk is augmentedwhen the person after having the surgery has very less physical activity, which slows the blood flow in the pelvic and leg veins. These dangerous blood clots developed in the veins can travel to the lungs, giving rise to a serious condition called pulmonary embolism.

Rivaroxaban or Xareltois used to prevent, reduce, and treat all these types of blood clots. As of in the xarelto, the drug works by preventing the formations of thrombin, which is the main reason behind blood clots. The drug binds itself to a substance called factor Xa, which helps in stopping the formation of fibrin as well.